WW Headless?

September 12, 2007


  1. I took this picture about a year ago with my Minolta (film) camera. I just started playing with film again recently and found a partially used roll in my camera. I finished it out, got the pictures printed, and voila! I found a headless pigeon. I laughed when I saw this picture. We were at Fort Niagara and I had ventured into a bunker in the side of a hill. It was deep, where the cannons would be fired from within the wall. As I was wandering through I found these two pigeons and tried to take their picture. I was surprised it came out as it was quite dark, I had to use a flash, and had no tripod. How it isn’t blurry is beyond me!

  2. Great WW photo! I’ve heard of the headless horseman. First time seeing the headless pigeon!

    My WW post this week focuses on 9/11 anniversary.

    peace, Villager

  3. wow, how funny. he certainly does look headless. and his mate is giving him a twice over as well!

  4. what an awesome alcove!! Great headless shot.

  5. How cool! Especially the way the other bird is looking at him!

  6. good timing! one is shy with the camera

  7. Great shot. I love the headless pigeon. A new take on the legend of Sleepy Hollow? Happy WW!

  8. just a littlr bit shy with the camera

  9. Oh Carly! That was a great shot! And, it looks like you did a terrific job with the Minolta! The poor little birdie does indeedy look headless!!!

  10. Haha – good catch!

    Happy WW – mines up at http://anyapples.blogspot.com/

  11. Funny!

  12. Ha! What a funny picture!!

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