WW At the cemetery?

August 29, 2007

Yes, those are couches made of stone!?!


  1. While visiting a cemetery today, we came across this very odd mausoleum with stone couches. This is one of those instances where I wish I knew the story behind it. Perhaps I will have to investigate more. There will be another post tomorrow on the cemetery visit…

  2. THey do look amazing though, really they do!!

    Happy WW!

  3. hehehehe! I know the story…they wanted their surviving relatives not to get too comfortable while visiting!!! hehehehe Just kidding!
    Wow, that isn’t something you would expect to find at a cemetary, but they sure are interesting!!!!

    Happy WW!!!

  4. there is a couch that won’t sag!

  5. Very realistic looking. It would be intriguing to know the story. Happy WW

  6. Cemeteries can be such interesting places if you take the time to read the history that’s in front of you. Every time I travel I always take the opportunity to stop for a few minutes and older cemeteries and peruse some of the stones and family plots and think back over the history.

    I can’t imagine how hot those stone chairs must get in the summertime. It must be someone of importance or at least someone with a fair amount of money to create such a correct and have such a large piece of land around it.

    Neat set of pictures, happy WW

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