Kyle’s 15th

August 29, 2007

I am having serious trouble believing it, but my oldest just turned 15. He towers over me, not hard when I stand a whopping 5’2″, and is beginning to look much more like a young man than an awkward teen. My babies are getting old! Good thing I’m still only 25! 🙂 Yeah, go ahead, I know you all are ROTFL!

Kyle got some cool presents, especially his Fuji Funpix E550 digital camera. It was amusing when he opened it because he didn’t know what it was at first. It came in a bright green box that said Fuji on it. I think he thought the box was from something else and had gotten reused for a gift of some sort for him. The look of surprise when he realized what it was, was priceless!

I will post the pics of his celebration with minimal verbiage, enjoy…

I think he’s surprised and happy…

Yup…quite happy!

After celebrating his birthday (a few days early) we all went to the local amusement park for a little fun and games. I stayed on Terra Firma, except for a short ride on a bobsled roller coaster.
Instead, I took pictures of the kids on several rides. I will not say much about these either, except for the one with Erin, Sarah, and my FIL upside down. Jeff is terrified that Erin will get hurt on amusement park rides. We had a bad experience with her on one of those pirate ship things in which it looked very much like she would come right out of the thing. Since then Jeff gets very nervous when Erin rides any type of ride…she is after all, Daddy’s little(st) girl! She announced she was going on this crazy upside down ride with her sister. They latch you into this ride better than Nascar drivers get cinched in. The whole time she was in line, Jeff looked as though he would be ill. Then when she got on the ride, I thought he would climb onto it and “rescue” she who needed no rescuing! Needless to say, she survived, he recovered, and all had fun. Here are the pics…

The bumper cars taught us 2 lessons…Kyle may not be a good driver…

Sarah should be “Driving Miss Daisy” loosely translated, she drives like an old lady. We had to tell her to hit other cars. She was just cruising very carefully around the outside avoiding any collisions. LOL!


…and down!

We had a very long, tiring, but fun day. The next day was my Mom’s anniversary, followed by her birthday the following day, so I took her someplace special since Mark wasn’t feeling well…

One comment

  1. Happy B-day belated, Kyle! Looks like he had a grand day and the booty looks awesome!

    Poor Jeff…

    Erin and Sarah look very happy on the rides. Sarah cracks me up with the bumper cars. She will probably be a terrific driver!!!

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