Darien Lake

July 31, 2007

On Friday the kids and I went to Darien Lake Theme Park with my Mom, Mark, Michelle, and Ben. The kids rode a couple of rides…

…then the sky opened up. If you click to enlarge this photo, you can see the rain.

During a pause in the downpour, all the kids, except for Erin, decided to go ride a couple of rides. I went with them, while Mom, Mark, and Erin waited for the rain to stop completely. As the kids got onto the Scrambler for a second time, the sky opened up again. I hightailed it to an overhang to watch while they stayed on the ride. Just as the ride was about to begin, the ride operators had a shift change, or something. While the kids are sitting in pouring rain, waiting for the ride to start, the girl who had been running the ride, gathered her belongings, and ran to an overhang. The guy coming to take her place got under the awning protecting him from the rain, told a guy who was under the awning inside the ride fence that he had to leave the fenced area and he could stand under the awning outside the fence. Then he put on his rain slicker…under the awning…before announcing the safety rules for the ride. He finally started the ride. Here’s the guy running to the ride.

Ben, Michelle, and Sarah posed for a picture after getting drenched on the Scrambler.

Okay, always a sucker for a pretty flower, I couldn’t pass this up with the water droplets on the flowers! As I was taking this picture, the woman running the store that this flower was outside of, appeared and said “Oh, you are taking pictures of my flowers.” When she said “oh,” I had the camera to my eye and didn’t see her, so I jumped about a mile. I am amazed the picture came out!

Since it was raining and they were already soaked, the kids decided it was a good time to go to Hook’s Lagoon, a water park within the park. When we got there, the area was closed due to a storm cell passing overhead. As we were waiting for it to reopen, my mom happened to look inside a metal cylinder acting as a support for the fence. It was full of garbage, and of course, wasps! I took this picture blindly, as the post was nearly 5 feet tall and I am only 5’3″. I thought it turned out rather decent for a blind shot.

Once Hook’s reopened, the kids had a good time playing and splashing in the water, until the power went out for the entire park. Here they are coming out of the water. They look like they belong at the beginning of a television show or something.

We spent a few hours at the park, then went out to get some grub. We went to a local pizza shop and got a sheet pizza and drinks. While we waited for the pizza, the kids played on this really cool pirate ship.

The kids took my camera and got some great shots as they played.

Mom and I had a nice visit while we awaited our food.

Here is Ben, who had enough energy for all of us, enjoying a Red Bull.

While waiting for food, Sarah commandeered the camera and took a shot of Erin, sporting her crown from Michelle, and…

a self portrait. There is another one that shows her whole face, but I really like the concentration on her face in this one.

Once we ate, we went back to the park for a couple more hours. Mark was tired of wheeling around the park so he sat in the truck. Mom and I were tired of carrying around “stuff,” so we left everything with Mark, cameras included. We didn’t leave the park until about 9:30. I did ride one ride with Erin. We went on the Lasso, which is a swing ride. I enjoyed the ride until it stopped and my equilibrium got temporarily lost. UGH! I don’t recover like I used to! Another fun day! That makes 3 in a row. I am getting tired!

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