Black Creek Park, Part II

July 29, 2007

My last post was primarily about the flora we encountered at the park, this one will be more about the fauna.
While on our walk, we discovered that slugs and snails really like mushrooms…
here’s a slug on one…

…and here is a snail on one. This little snail was a very pale yellow and we could see his tiny antennae. I really don’t like snails, but this guy was kind of cute.

Sarah and I really like dragonflies and we got quite a treat on our walk!
Here is a beautiful blue one (the dragonfly pictures need to be blown up to see well).

This is a pretty red one…

…in flight.

This was my favorite. It’s hard to see, but it is emerald green with skinny black stripes.

Here is a pretty butterfly that was apparently enjoying a drink on a stone in the middle of the path.

Although not an animal, here is an animal track that Sarah spotted in the mud. Apparently a deer made its way through the woods.

There were so many cool photo opportunities, that I snapped pictures of all kinds of things. I thought this dead stump with all the moss on it was really cool.

I am not sure what the story is on this fence, but it sure is neat! It ran for quite a distance along a portion of the path.

This vine was climbing up this tree. The kids said it looked like a bear rubbed up against it and left its hair on the vine.

These pretty, little blue flowers were everywhere where there was water.

At the end of our 3 mile walk, this grassy meadow on a hill came into view. It was on the map as a point of interest…I can see why! It was beautiful with the golden color of the grass mixed with the green further off and the blue of the sky. We ran down a path on the side of the slope…

…and looked back up. Hmmm, great place to cross country ski this winter!

About 1/2 way into our journey, I decided I really had to go to the bathroom, but the only one was right near where we had parked. Uh-oh! The girls suggested I go in the weeds, but I had read somewhere that there may be poison ivy, so that was not a very appealing thought!!! When we finally reached the bathrooms, I was soooo happy! Before we left I took this picture from next to the bathrooms, looking out over a pond. That is the top of Erin’s head at the bottom of the picture.


  1. What a beautiful nature walk! Yes, the tiny blue flowers look like Forget-Me-Nots. They are such a pretty blue color…so many “blue” flowers are actually purple! The black butterfly looks to me like a Black Swallowtail. We used to see them a lot when I was little…haven’t seen one in years! What a lovely walk….thank you so much for sharing!
    Oh, and I have never seen such intensely-colored dragonflies!

  2. I’m rather fond of Dragonflies also… Read what Wikipedia has to say about Dragonflies in Culture here.

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