July 14, 2007

I have always liked fireworks displays, but the older I get the less exciting I find them. Kyle suggested earlier today that Jeff and I go “do” something tonight and he would watch the girls. After much hemming and hawing, we decided to go to a laser show and fireworks display that the city does over the plunge pool of a waterfall in the middle of downtown. The river essentially cuts the city in half east/west and the waterfall is just north of Main St. which cuts the city into north/south halves. The display was to start at 9:30, so we got our Starbucks and went to a large footbridge that crosses the river at the level of the top of the falls. The falls faces north and the bridge is north of it so if you look south off the bridge, you can look directly at the falls.

Jeff is not into fireworks displays and is really not into crowds. Fortunately the night was a cool one so there were not too many people. As the display started at 9:30, I realized that there were fireworks at the nearby baseball stadium as well as near the hockey arena. Then the drizzling started. Having never seen this particular show before, I was quite impressed. The show was mediocre at best, with much of it being a hokey history lesson of our city. The impressive part was the 3 fireworks displays all going on simultaneously as well as the effect of the rain on the laser beams. I thoroughly enjoyed all 20 minutes of the show.

Jeff would have enjoyed it much more if the obnoxious camera person next to us had stopped taking flash pictures every 30 seconds. She did not have a terribly expensive camera and she kept taking pictures repeatedly. I can’t imagine that any of them will turn out decent, there was precious little light and the low end cameras need as much as they can gather. Jeff told me afterwards that he would have like to have thrown her camera into the river. Fortunately he refrained! LOL!!!

One comment

  1. I love fireworks, so I would have liked this, I am sure! It sounds like the two of you had a fun little time together. That is cool that you are able to do that. One of these days, perhaps we can wander up that way and see the show. Seems like there is just so much to do, and in the summer, the workload INCREASES!

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