Very Busy Day: Part II

July 13, 2007

I was so tired yesterday, that I forgot some pictures from our very busy day, and couldn’t even think about posting from the second half of our day. So here goes…
I could not resist taking a picture of this gorgeous flower.

As we were walking back to the car, I saw this patch of daisies and little pinkish/purple flowers. It wasn’t until I got home and uploaded the pictures that I noticed the pine cone. It almost looks as if I set it up that way.

After we left the beautiful park in the middle of the busy town, we needed to cool off. The temperature was near 90 and although the park was fairly small and near water, it was still stifling hot. We headed to the nearest mall to browse, find a cool drink, and locate good air conditioning. We spent about an hour there and decided to head out. As I was looking at an atlas of the area, I noticed a park near a protected wetland/marsh. It just so happened to be nearby and also between where we were and where we needed to be.

This is what we found…

There was a nicely paved path along the roadway, as well as one within the park itself. The park had picnic tables in shady spots, as well as huge grassy areas, and a small, sort of strange play ground. The playground was a huge platform like thing with walkways and a “car” underneath and two slides.

Here is the path that is not near the road, with Erin and her sourpuss face. She did not want to be walking in a “field.”

As we started our walk, Sarah caught a glimpse of a snake warming itself on the paved path. I, unfortunately, could not get my camera out quickly enough and he was moving rather quickly. It must have warmed itself well! I am not a fan of most poikilotherms (“cold-blooded” creatures), but I was bummed that I didn’t get its picture.

After walking the short path, I checked out a nearby pond while the kids played on the playground thing.

I don’t know what these are, but I think they must be related to lilies (aren’t they related to onions)? The white “pods” look like little onions. This patch of plants was right next to the pond.

Here is one picture of the pond, full of algal blooms…

…and another, looking the opposite direction. The bridge is part of the path that follows along closer to the road.

I would love to go back to this place on a slightly cooler day for a picnic.


  1. Isn’t it simply incredible how much there is to SEE if we merely LOOK? We get so busy with life, we rarely see beauty around us. Yes, it is along the “stop to small the roses” theme. But, in all honesty, we really do miss so many opportunities to see the minute little things that create our world! Because you discovered a “new” place, you take more time to see what makes it tick. Human nature, it is!
    Your kids must be having so much fun checking things out. When I was little I used to love seeing new places. Matter of fact, I still DO!!!!!

  2. oops…smEll the roses, not SMALL them!!!! Such FAT fingers…..

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