Long Walk on Short Legs

July 1, 2007

Yesterday the kids and I decided to take Joe for a walk to Starbucks, about 1.5 miles from our house. Joe loves to go for walks, so as we started out, he took Kyle on wild goose chases as he “caught” a scent.

Eventually, he settled into walking along nicely with us and checking out any person that gave him any notice. Once we arrived at Starbucks, we got him a cup of water and sat down at the outdoor patio. Joe laid down at our feet and rested after taking a long drink from his tall Starbucks cup. We brought his water with us for the walk home as it was beginning to get quite warm and being mostly black, he absorbs heat like crazy.

Joe had no qualms about showing us how pleased he was to be home. This is about 6 steps inside the door. He didn’t budge for about 15 minutes, then he moved to my lap where he slept comfortably for an hour or so.

I learned the last time Kyle and I walked to Starbucks that I must take my camera with me everywhere, because you never know when you might find a great subject. Well, this time I remembered and took pictures all along the way.
I think these might be flowers from a milkweed plant? I could be totally wrong, but the plants, although podless, looked an awful lot like a milkweed plant.

Although not as impressive as Mom’s dragonfly, I think this one is pretty cool. It’s in the middle of the picture on the left side of the broad leaf.

These were growing next to the sidewalk we were on. Even though I took all these pictures, it is hard to believe that all of them were taken in the city, most while walking past a large, university medical center campus.


  1. Your milkweed is a perfect example of Four-Leaved Milkweed. Nice picture. Check it out later in the season and you may find Monarch butterflies –

  2. Aw, little Joe looks tired in the return home picture, for sure! That dragon fly is so skinny! Looks like a stick! Very cool..I have seen at least three different types of dragonflies in the back yard.
    I have one or two milkweed plants on the back hill. The flowers aren’t as advanced as the ones you took, but they are so pretty once out. And, if you smell them, they smell pretty!
    Well, as far as finding beauty anywhere, yes, it is always there if we will seek it! Once you begin looking through the camera lens and viewing the world from that aspect, the world becomes quite an amazing place. You suddenly see things in a different light, and with greater appreciation! Small miracles abound all over this earth!

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