Ponce De Leon Lighthouse

June 18, 2007

Sarah really likes lighthouses, so she and I decided to go to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse today. It is the tallest lighthouse in Florida, at 175′, and the second tallest in the US. We were both a little uncomfortable climbing the 203 stairs, which have no risers, so we just went in and climbed a few stairs. We did get some great pictures though. The first few Sarah took.

In addition to liking lighthouses, Sarah is a fan of kitty cats, so when she saw this one sleeping outside the gift shop, she couldn’t resist taking it’s picture.

These two boats, above and below, are rafts that floated ashore in Volusia county in the 90’s. The one above looks as though it would have fallen apart in open water. The fate of it’s occupants is unknown. The raft below displays an orange life vest to indicate that the occupants of that raft were rescued at sea. The raft then floated ashore later on.

The rest of the pictures I took.
We took a short “nature walk” while at the lighthouse. Unfortunately, I decided to read the description of it when we were about half way through. The brochure said we might see gophers, armadillos, snakes, and a few other small creatures foraging along the path. Fortunately, we saw no snakes. My screams would have been heard all the way back in NY! We did however see this little squirrel watching us from an overhead branch.

I almost missed this spider waiting in her web, just as we were leaving the nature trail area. It looks like it could be a Black Widow, based on the pattern on her belly. I have never seen a black widow up close though, so I am not sure that’s what she was.

I just thought this was a really cool boat. It was built in the early 30’s. It’s in pretty rough shape, but I was impressed with how well preserved it was.

Inside the Principal Keeper’s house, there were several facts about lighthouses and nautical things. A couple of the rooms showed how the house would have originally been. This bathroom was one of them.

Inside the lighthouse…

Looking UP…

Looking down from about 30 steps up.

And looking up from outside the lighthouse.

Another of the buildings had lenses from various lighthouses. This is one of the lenses.

Finally, there were a couple of anchors on display. I thought they were neat.

One comment

  1. Oh, it looks like this would have been such a cool place to visit. And, yes you know me…I would have gone all the way up all those stairs!! hehehe I love the pictures of the stairs! How cool. When I was little, I wanted to live in a lighthouse. Hmmm…perhaps I still might like to! Wow…those rafts are a stark reminder of the real danger of the ocean…It looks like the two of you must have had a fun time! The pictures are wonderful, too…although…EWWWWWW, that SPIDER!!!!!

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