Pretty Flowers

June 11, 2007

Today I went to my in laws to water their plants. While there, I decided to take a few pictures of their flowers. Here again, I am bad with plant names, so I’ll just post the pictures. Their yard was professionally landscaped a couple years ago and my mother-in-law has been planting flowers since then. Her gardens are absolutely beautiful!

Jeff planted this Honeysuckle when he was quite young, and now it is huge. The girls cleaned out the area under it, and planted some flowers. They like to go under the Honeysuckle and play. The wind chime is one the girls picked out and it says “Welcome.”

This is a great little rose bush. I would like one for my house.

These little blue flowers are one of my favorite hidden treasures. They are “hidden” among larger plants in the garden.

I took this picture looking almost straight up in the air. In the middle, just to the left of the two highest points of trees, is a black bird. He kept yelling at me while I was walking around under “his” tree. It took a couple of minutes for me to even be able to find him up there.


  1. Your in-laws have some terrific looking plants, don’t they? I cannot believe that honeysuckle bush! Wow! The way the girls carved out a little “room” in there is just too cool! Could you imagine being a little girl and having a place like that to play? What FUN! The in laws will be so happy when they return…everything looks just lovely!

  2. You have posted wonderful picture of flowers that is appreciated. Cheers 🙂

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