Wonderful Store

June 9, 2007

While driving around south of Buffalo, the kids and I spotted this store. They asked if we could go in, so I stopped. What an amazing store! They had a huge selection of model cars, model trains, Breyer horses, doll houses, model rockets, and tons of other things that we didn’t have time to look at. This is another place to which we will definitely return.

Some of the coolest things we saw were a three tiered model train village. There were three sizes of trains, one on each level with buildings and people and mountains, and planes flying overhead. There was also a doll house that was set up as a ranch, complete with rustic furniture and horses outside. The doll house furniture that was available was amazing. Sarah now wants to build a doll house.

Yes, I took more giraffe pictures today too…I know, I am obsessed.

Aren’t they cute?

One comment

  1. That hobby store is quite the place! Well, now you and Sarah can build a new house, eh?(in all of your spare time, doncha know?) The giraffes are wonderful, as always. Maybe it is their unique appearance that makes them so special, or not…they seem like such graceful and peaceful animals!

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