Good Music and Happy Mom’s Day

May 15, 2007

My family left Mother’s Day entirely up to me this year, which was fine with me. I slept in, until 8:30, was greeted by Sarah, salad in hand, as I entered the dining room. The other day I was hungry when I got up at 7:00, but nothing really sounded good. So instead of nothing, I ate a salad. Apparently she got the idea that I eat salads for breakfast. Oh well, it was a wonderful salad and I thoroughly enjoyed that someone else made it with me in mind! A few hours later, Jeff and the girls disappeared into the kitchen. Kyle and I were watching programs on TLC about families with many (13, 14, 16) kids. Kyle asked me what Daddy and the girls were doing, and I whispered that they were probably making me something, and we should not spoil it by asking. Sure enough, Jeff, Sarah, and Erin emerged from the kitchen with eggs, turkey sausage links, and tea. I had a very nice lunch for breakfast and breakfast for lunch.

I had to return a movie to the video store, so we took Joe and the girls and headed out for the store. Jeff was getting hungry and smelled burgers. We decided to go hit up the dollar menu of the local burger joint. Erin got a double cheeseburger, as did Jeff, Sarah got a chicken sandwich, and Joe got a plain hamburger. Apparently Joe’s burger didn’t fill him up because he saw fit to steal a bite of Erin’s double cheeseburger, much to her dismay!

When we got home I helped Kyle clean his room a little. Yes, I suppose that sounds odd to do on Mom’s Day, but I have wanted him to get rid of some stuff for a while and he was willing, so we went for it. We were almost finished when I realized the Zydeco concert I wanted to go to was to start in just under an hour. We quickly put stuff away, go cleaned up and went to the park. After finding a fairly close parking spot, we walked to the park and listened to the concert. The concert was part of the entertainment for the Lilac Festival, so it was a free concert in the park. The stage is set up at the bottom of a hill, so you get the amphitheater thing going to some extent, but they still pump it through speakers so you can hear it all throughout the park.

I went to New Orleans a few years ago, and had the pleasure of going to an authentic Cajun restaurant where they have a live band and a dance floor. I was mesmerized as I watched this couple in their 80’s glide around the floor, and then stop to play the “squeeze box” or spoons. They were more agile and had more energy than most people 1/4 their age. Ever since then, whenever I hear zydeco music, that is what I think of. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see people dancing to the music last night. There was a feeling that brought me back to that little restaurant in New Orleans. Erin got a kick out of the music as well.

She danced…

and danced…

until she was tired.

After watching the band for a while, we walked around to check out some of the booths. It was getting late, so a lot of people had closed up for the day, but we found a food booth open, so Jeff got the kids a funnel cake to share and a fried dough for us. Afterwards we went home. All in all it was a wonderful Mother’s Day. I really enjoyed relaxing and spending the day surrounded by my favorite people.


  1. ((((THUNK)))

    Not to worry. That was just me…falling on the floor. You have a picture of Jeff!!! It is a rather nice one at that!
    Erin looks as though she thoroughly enjoyed herself, but I think she is the kind of kid who will ALWAYS anjoy herself. She just likes living!!!
    So glad you had an enjoyable Mother’s Day!

  2. oops. I think Erin will *enjoy* herself. Not “anjoy”!

  3. I hope you didn’t hurt yourself when you fell! I was rather shocked myself when he allowed me to take it. I think I heard him saying, “remember it’s mother’s day…”

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