May Flowers

May 12, 2007

I like flowering plants in my house, but unfortunately I often forget to water them, and eventually I kill them. Not intentionally, of course, but they do often die. I try to stick with outdoor stuff, that is planted in the earth, or cut flower arrangements on the dining room table, as they require less attention from me.

My girls spent the night at Grandma’s house the other day and came home with Mother’s Day flowers, even though Mom’s Day was 4 days away. They are beautiful! I love the variety of colors among the same type of flowers.

A few days before that, Jeff and I went to the store for a couple things, and Jeff saw these cute little pots of Campanula. He thought I should have one, so that came home as well.

Wednesday, after I took the kids to the park, I was filling in the pictures in Jeff’s picture frame, but I was short one 6 inch tall by 4 inch wide picture. Normally I take them 6″ wide and 4″ tall. The girls have a dance recital in June, and I thought they should have their picture taken in their dance dresses. I was trying to keep the house cool, so I had all the curtains closed and the house was pretty dark. Thinking the light would be better outside, I took them out to the yard. Originally I had them stand near the fence, but the neighbor’s ugly garage didn’t seem like a suitable back drop. Looking around, I finally spotted the perfect location for their picture! See what you think…

The more I look at it, the more it reminds me of the canvas backgrounds they use at professional portrait studios. The only things that give it away are the fence visible in the lower right corner, and the white from the neighbors house showing through above Erin’s head. At any rate, I was quite pleased with this picture!

I have one more flower picture to post, but by the time we finished dinner and cleaned up the dishes, it was too dark for outdoor photos. Tomorrow is another day and now I have an excuse to post then.

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