Walk In the Park

May 9, 2007

We decided to go to the park today to check out the preparations for the annual lilac festival. I’m not sure if Erin was trying to plant herself under this lilac bush, or what, but she blended in nicely.

When I took the picture of this tree, Kyle sighed and said, “I just don’t get it.” He is a typical 14 year old boy, who just doesn’t see the beauty in things, I guess.

This beauty, however, was resting under this huge tree. Apparently this type of tree is native to Japan. I guess it likes our American soil as well, for it is HUGE!

We found this monkey in the same tree Erin was resting under. Hmmm…

I don’t usually manage to take nice close ups, but I couldn’t resist trying with this absolutely stunning blue pansy. I did manage a decent picture, although I didn’t quite get my hand far enough out of the way. There was a little white pansy partially blocking this blue one, so I held the white one out of the way. The gardeners must have just watered the pansy bed and this one still had little droplets on it.

The girls posed in front of a beauty of a tulip garden. There were some other flowers in it as well, but the tuilps stole the attention here.

Erin has always loved to smell the flowers.

Joe was sniffing, and sniffing, and sniffing, when all of a sudden he laid down and began rolling. Judging by the tongue lolling, I think he thoroughly enjoyed his roll.

After meeting a very large, beautiful black labradoodle named Cleo, Joe decided he needed a drink, even if it was from Sarah’s very sissyish pink bowl. I wanted to take a picture of Cleo, but she was sitting on my foot to get some lovin’, and when I stopped scratching, she would dance and whine. She was a very large puppy and the owner looked as though he was struggling to keep her calm. I decided to pass on taking her picture.

Erin, Sarah, and Joe enjoy some shade under some sort of pretty, weeping tree.

At one point while we stopped for a rest, a male cardinal flew in front of us. I love cardinals, so I decided to try to get his picture. He apparently had other ideas! I chased that silly bird all over the park, and the two photos here are all I was able to capture of him. I really need a camera with a telephoto lens! He is in the center of the two pictures below. Even if you can’t see him, the pictures are still kind of cool.

There are lots of animal burrows all throughout the park. Joe must have caught the scent of something near this one, and his dachshund instincts went into overdrive… I had to climb under the lilac that this hole was under to “dig” Joe out!

The girls posed for one last picture under this tree before we hopped in the car and headed home, with the air conditioning blasting. Yes, it is only May, but the temp reached 86 today. A bit too warm for my tastes!

One comment

  1. Excellent pictures, Carly! And, when I clicked on the cardinal pics, they opened up so I could see the cardinal, indeed! Lilacs are so beautiful…I could almost SMELL them! This heat and the new meds had me feeling a bit woozy today, but somehow I managed! Thank heaven for Subway!!!!

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