March 9, 2007

Yesterday the kids and I went out to lunch with my Mother-in-law. When we had finished lunch, the girls announced that they wanted to go to Grandma’s house and spend the night. After working for 7 hours on 3 hours sleep, then staying up even longer to go out to lunch, I was exhausted and saw an opportunity to get some sleep, so I let them go.

We have been trying for a couple weeks to go to a local children’s museum, but it just hadn’t worked out. Well, my mother-in-law took the girls today, and said the rest of us could go again another time. She has a membership that gets her and my father-in-law and all of the grandkids in for free so she can go as often as she likes. This museum has a butterfly garden where you can go in and walk around and see all the different butterflies. Sometimes they will even land on you. My girls both like it quite a bit and I got quite a surprise in my email this evening. Apparently my mother-in-law gave Erin her camera to take pictures while they were in the butterfly garden. I seem to have a budding photographer…

One comment

  1. Oh, how cool, Carly! I was thinking I would love to go to the butterfly garden in Niagara Falls again, but I know poor Mark would NOT! With the new camera, I know I could have some fun!
    And speaking of cameras, if Erin DIDN’T like photograhpy, I would be surprised!!!!

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