Dachshund Crazy!

February 17, 2007
My husband seems to think I have finally gone off the deep end!

It all started a few weeks ago when someone on the Dachshund list I belong to posted a picture of a “Super Weiner” that she got for Christmas. It was a little Dachshund figurine dressed in a Superman style outfit. Turns out the maker of that figurine makes a whole line of those figurines dressed in all manner of outfits. http://www.funtocollect.com/hotdiggitydog.html?gclid=CN2vitOrtIoCFRxOPgodcz7Cug This site has most of the collection.

So anyway, we went to the mall last night to pick up some things we had ordered at J C Penney. My husband wanted to go into the rest of the mall, so reluctantly I agreed. I hate malls! Anyway, I saw a Hallmark store and decided I must go inside. I looked around anxiously hoping to find the Hot Diggity Dogs…I knew that Hallmark carried them, but wasn’t sure this particular store would have them. Well….

This little guy’s tag says “Way Irish Weiner” and his side says “May you live long and be happy as long as you live.” I informed my husband that for any holiday requiring gift giving, this is what I want. I told him that I want them all so I can build and fill a display case for them.

Yesterday afternoon my daughter was sitting on the floor with my “baby” and I snapped a picture because they were so cute!

So yes, I suppose I am a little nuts…but only for Dachshunds!!! I keep trying to convince hubby that we need to get Joe a friend, but he just isn’t buying it. Oh well. I’ll just have to keep trying!


  1. “My husband seems to think I have finally gone off the deep end!”

    This must be some new definition of the word ‘finally’ that I am unfamiliar with…

  2. I beg to differ with this “Jeff” fellow…ahem
    I love those hot diggity dogs! They are just so cute!!! I have NO idea how you chose which one to buy, though. I guess this one was easy enough, with St Patty’s around the corner. So, for Mother’s Day, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Anniversary, let’s see…oh, and 4th of July! Bet I know what YOU will be getting!!! And then, one day, you will HAVE to move to accommodate all of your weinie dog collection!!!

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