Monstrous Fun

October 25, 2006

Tiring of the same-old-same-old, we took the kids for a field trip to the local science museum, where a dinosaur exhibit is visiting for 3 months. I am not one to get overly excited about dinosaurs, but these things were cool.

They had one on display without its “skin” and it had controls that you could manipulate to move different parts of its body.
When we tired of the dinos, we went to check out a hands-on exhibit…the kids like those best!
Sarah checked out a couple of optical illusions.

Erin went inside this triangle of mirrors, only to find she was too short to see herself. I found her a stool to stand on, and then she could see herself.

Erin and Sarah test their balance on a couple of balance beams. I think the look on Erin’s face says it all!
While the kids checked out the other hands-on activities, I tried my hand at building an arch. After 3 attempts, I finally met with success.
Meanwhile, Erin built an arch of her own that Kyle walked across…

and all three kids took turns spinning.
Here Sarah demonstrates.

Much fun was had by all, until I announced that each of them needed to find something they were interested in to do more research on for a science or social studies project. At that point groans and grumbles could be heard all around. Oh, well…they will have fun completing their projects, they just don’t know it yet!

One comment

  1. It looks like the kids had some fun! Gosh, wish I could just get excited about going to a museum. I used to like the one in Niagara Falls…it had mummies! In fact, we saw a show on TV that showed the mummies…they are now safely “home” back in Egypt! Do you remember seeing them as a child? So funny…we went to see them several times…only relatively recently did they realize the great value of those mummies! Which just goes to show…you never know WHO you are looking at sometimes!
    Now, Carly, get writing a report!!!

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