One of those days!

August 25, 2006

Well, today was one of those overwhelmingly busy days in which nothing seemed to get accomplished. I ran around all day running errands, finding lunch, buying more goo remover for the bathroom, etc. By the time I got home I was exhausted and the day was mostly gone. I decided that if I hurried, I could get the goo off of one more significant area before Jeff got home from work. Anxious to get started, I opened the quart container of adhesive remover I had bought yesterday and poured the last of it on the area I wanted to relieve of goo. I waited the necessary 15 minutes, all the while trying to open the new adhesive remover container. It’s one of those push down and turn jobbies that sounds so simple yet requires Herculean strength to work. After my hand became numb, I asked my son to try and still nothing. Finally I gave up, cleaned up what I could of the stuff I had already put down and went to read a book, convinced the container was defetive and would need to be returned. When Jeff got home I explained the problem and with minimal effort he opened the can. Oh, well! At least I can open it now and tomorrow IS another day.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring enough sanity that I can finish the mess I have started on the bathroom floor.

One comment

  1. For one reason or another, I am having a very hard time leaving comments on Blogger. Or Booger.
    Anyway, I just KNOW that you loosened up that can so Jeff could take all the CREDIT!!! hehehehehehe
    Hope you can get a chance to do some more work on the floor. That has got to be a real pain, but be careful to get lotsa ventilation…just ask me!

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